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During the annual Bathroom Blogfest, bloggers from around the globe write about the importance of bathrooms in the customer experience with photographs of great and terrible bathrooms. Their posts come from a wide range of perspectives that include sociology, marketing, research, psychology, environmental, customer experience, and user-experience design. Initiated in 2006 with nine bloggers, this year's event runs from October 28 to November 2, during National Kitchen and Bath Month.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Posts from Fast Company Now!

Toilet Terror

This being Halloween, it’s time to discuss the three scariest words in the English language: bus station restroom. I know. The image is probably too terrifying for the more squeamish among you, and is likely sending dozens of you reaching for the Purell...

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Posts from The Engaging Brand

LOO Must Be Joking!

....not necessarily about customer experience or bathroom's per se...but loved the idea as it illustrates the power of design today and illustrates the power of creating a personal brand that stands out from the crowd...Here is a man who has built a house in the shape of a toilet!

A Story of an Engaged Customer and a Toilet Attendant
Today I wanted to talk about a bathroom that I visited several years ago - unfortunately I cannot remember the name of the family store in Devon, not because it wasn't memorable but because of my age! I remember speaking to the person cleaning and saying "Thank you, you must be very proud of how beautiful you keep this room?"
The lady turned and said "My boss is a very strange man, he understands women!"
After laughing I asked "What do you mean?".....

Engaged - Meeting in Process!...More Bathroom Blogfests
Based on yesterday's story about employee engagement and customer service in a Devon toilet... Eric Fraterman e-mailed me this story:
There is a service legend story that goes back well over ten years. Greyhound bus lines had a new CEO who was rejuvenating the brand and trying to break out of the mould of bus travel being only for those who could not afford anything else...

Monday, October 15, 2007

Posts from Customers Are Always

Two Customer Service Events You Don't Want to Miss!
Also, from October 28 - November 2 the 2nd Annual Bathroom Blogfest will take place! This is the time that we critique public restrooms and offer advice on how businesses can create a better experience in the one place customers do their "duties". Check out last year's posts on the Bathroom Blogfest...

For a Better Experience, This Is the One Thing a Restroom Should Have
October is National Kitchen and Bath month and those of you long-time readers may remember how some of us customer service bloggers celebrated - yes, the Bathroom Blogfest! This week is the second annual Bathroom Blogfest and there's a great lineup of bloggers participating in this year's event in which we talk about the restroom experience from all different types of perspectives. After all, the customer experience does include what happens in the bathroom (...)

The Toilet Paper Dilemma
Imagine using the restroom in a diner and reaching for the toilet paper, but there isn't any there! What do you do?

Phew! There's someone in the next stall. You'll just ask her for some toilet paper (...)

The San Diego Sports Arena Toilet Terror
In honor of spooky Halloween that we're celebrating here in the U.S. today, I decided to continue the theme of "Toilet Terror" that Linda Tischler started over at the Fast Company blog (...)

Posts from Transcultural

The Bathroom Experience

This year I’m proud to be participating in the Bathroom Blogfest 2007 with my fellow bloggers (who I’ll list below), where we document our bathroom experiences.

I decided to visit and talk about the bathroom of a small business since I figured that there wouldn’t be much to talk about if I visited bathrooms of luxurious department stores and restaurants in NY – since they’re all gorgeous and flawless.

The bathroom I visited was at my nail salon (...)

Posts from Claudia Schiepers

Bathroom Blogfest starts now
Today the Bathroom Blogfest starts! A year ago, 9 bloggers wrote a whole week about the importance of a decent, clean bathroom in the customer experience. This year, a whopping 22 bloggers will be writing about the same subject (...)

Posts from Blog Till You Drop!

The bathroom blogfest is coming

As some of you may know, the bathroom blogfest 2007 will run Sunday, October 28 through Friday November 2. During this week of madness, we will post about the best and the worst bathrooms experiences or talk about bathroom products directed at women (...)

Funny Bathroom Experiences
A couple a funny bathroom experiences I’d like to share with you to kick off the Bathroom Blogfest (...)

Toilet Ladies: Friends or Foes
Toilet Attendants could only be found in extravagant restaurants and bars a few years ago but have more recently begun to appear in more mainstream bars (...)

Greetings from Manchester
A pleasant bathroom experience in a hotel in Manchester...

Luxury loos from around the world
London’s first superloo opened in the West End last year - with a price tag of £5.
The superloo, a multi-million pound powder room on Oxford Street, is aimed at women who want to relax as well as use the toilet.